Daz Studioで日本人キャラクターやアニメキャラを作る方法|How to create an animated character in Daz Studio


I would like to explain how to create Japanese characters in DazStudio, a software program designed for overseas.

▼DazStudioで日本人キャラクターを作るコツ / Tips for creating Japanese characters in DazStudio



As you will see as you work on the character, even a Western character can look much closer to a Japanese character by changing the skin color and eye color.

Then, by using the Shape function to lower the nose and adjust the size of the eyes, it is possible to create a character that looks quite Japanese.
The following “finely adjustable morph” can be used to deform polygons to a great degree of detail.


モーフ工場 skin_builder


▼DazStudio日本人キャラの元ネタ / The original DazStudio Japanese character


A further point to come is to choose a character whose original shape is Japanese-like.
By doing so, you will get even closer to Japanese characters.
I would like to introduce some characters that could be used as original figures when creating cute girls or handsome men.

・黒髪ロングヘアー / long black hair クールな女性 / Cool Women 優しい / gentle ちいさな女の子 / little girl


When using the following figure, the hair and eye color will be black, and the shaping will be used to adjust the Japanese look.

・ブロンドの少女 / Blonde Girl ・黒髪の少女 / The girl with the black hair

▼一押しのキャラクターはこちら / Here are some of the most popular characters



Just by changing the color of the eye texture, you can make it look much more Japanese.

We have also prepared a video version. You can almost grasp the contents by watching this video.

▼アニメキャラの素材 / Animated character materials


If you would like to create an animated character in DazStudio, please refer to the following page where you will find a variety of assets.


Also, I’m sorry to go off on a tangent, but in this post, I wrote about how to create a Japanese-looking, broad-sided, double-layered look. I hope it will be of some help….

【DazStudio】日本人っぽい末広型二重の作り方|How to create a Japanese-looking terminal double fold



オーツボ 拝

Within a few days, you will be able to create cute girl characters, handsome characters, and anime characters that will surprise even you.
It is surprisingly easy, so please give it a try.


If you like what you see, check out the DazStudio page!


Thank you in advance for your cooperation.


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