【DAZstudio】アクセサリーの身に着け方・調整・固定方法|How to wear, adjust and fix accessories




In addition to figures and morphs, DAZstudio’s assets include a variety of accessories.
These can be placed in the background as objects, and the accessories can be attached to the character, but a few tricks are required to make them fit the model without any discomfort.
We will show you how to apply them successfully using the example of how to put on glasses.


【 眼鏡のかけかた / How to wear glasses 】


First, prepare a character created in Dazz Studio.
Since you want to attach it to the eyes, select【HEAD】.

*If you want the character to have it in his/her hand, select the hand part of the character.

Next, double-click on the glasses (item) you wish to apply, and the glasses are now attached.


Since the glasses are in the [head] hierarchy, they will follow you when you change the pose or move the head.
If the glasses do not follow along, it is often because the figure was not selected when the glasses were put on, or the glasses are outside the character’s hierarchy.

If the glasses have shifted like this when you move the character…
Select the item of glasses, drag it to the [HEAD] hierarchy, and adjust it by checking its direction, etc. up, down, left, right, etc.
Adjust the glasses by checking their orientation, etc., up, down, left, right, and left.

【眼鏡のスケール等の調整方法 / How to adjust eyeglass scales, etc 】


I have put together a picture of how to make the shape of the glasses a little larger vertically and fit the character better.
This is a method that is often used when adjusting other items, so it is useful to keep it in mind.


【おすすめアクセサリーの紹介|Recommended Accessories】

▼イヤリング・ピアス|Earrings & Pierced Earrings ▼指輪・リング|Rings
▼王冠・クラウン|Crowns  ▼サングラス・眼鏡セット|Sunglasses/Glasses Sets
 ▼帽子・ハット(髪形調節付き)|Hat/Hat (with hairdo adjustment)  ▼バッグ等のアクセサリーパック|Bags and other accessory packs
 ▼スマートフォン・タブレット|Smartphones/Tablets  ▼和風な傘と扇|Japanese-style umbrella and fan


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