DazStudio TIPS 目の周りの黒い線を消す方法| How to remove dark lines around the eyes

目の周りの黒い線 dark lines around the eyes

Daz Studioを利用していて、目の周りにこのような線が出てしまって、困った事はありませんか?
Have you ever had trouble with these lines around your eyes when using Daz Studio?

目の周りの黒い線 dark lines around the eyes

After half a day’s work, we managed to erase it and would like to disclose how we did it.

surfaceのeyelashesのOpacity Strength を0%にするだけです。
Simply set the Opacity Strength of surface’s Eyelashes to 0%.

するとどうでしょう?What do you think?

As you can see, the black lines around the eyes can be erased.

So, once I understood it, it was easy….

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Thank you in advance for your cooperation.



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